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Five Mindset Shifts Every Entrepreneur Needs to Make

Updated: Jan 12

Hey, friends! When I talk to clients, they always have these expectations of what marketing or what launching will be like in their business, and they're disappointed when their launch doesn't meet these expectations. Ultimately, their disappointment comes down to these mindset shifts that we as entrepreneurs need to make. So today, I'm going to detail these five shifts, why you need to make them, and how they could be beneficial for you in your business and the overall longevity of your business. Because it's not just our goal that we start these businesses, but it's that these businesses grow and they support us and they support our families, and the vision that we have for our lives. Once you make these mindset shifts, you'll see a big difference in not only how you show up for your business, but how you show up for your clients.

Consistency will always top talent.

The first mindset shift is that consistency will always top talent. My clients often struggle with showing up consistently. One of the reasons for this is that a lot of my clients are high-achieving women. They are overproducing people, they are used to having a goal, hitting that goal, knowing what the milestones are, knowing what is expected of them, and then being able to deliver on those expectations. All of that is well and fine; that's an exceptional quality to have. But as an entrepreneur, it's different, right? We have to uphold the expectations we set for ourselves and those that our clients and industries set for us. We have to uphold those expectations, but we are not driven by those expectations. And there is no flag at the end, there's nobody clapping or waiting to celebrate us once we get to the end of that finish line. So, we have to be intrinsically and internally motivated to continue doing that work, even when we don't see immediate results.

For so many of us who have had villages and communities who celebrate us and who show up for us, it can be a little isolating when you are going through that period of trying to build consistency and you're not seeing the results, but that is where your tenacity and your perseverance really has to kick in. And when you do that, you see that you start building momentum in your business.

This marketing mindset shift is especially necessary because marketing is all about momentum. The more momentum you build, the more clients you start seeing, the more leads you start getting into your business. That momentum doesn't make building your business easier, but it allows you to experience ease within your business. The ease comes from the fact that you know what to talk about, you know what to share, you know what's working with your clients, and what's not working with your clients.

When we slow down or when we take a break or when we stop, we lose that momentum. And then we spent all this time trying to regain it. So then we're in this constant cycle of starting over, starting over, trying to rebuild that momentum, getting a little bit, getting discouraged, and then having to start over again. And so, I really want us to just focus on that consistency.

Think about the people that you know, who are the greats. Right? Michael Jordan, Oprah, Beyonce. When you think about them, the thing that comes to mind is their consistency, their discipline in their craft, the way that they show up over and over and over again. They don't let anyone stop them or get in their way. They don't allow their feelings to dictate how they show up or if they show up. They show up, period. It has to be the same for us as entrepreneurs. No matter what, no matter how I feel, no matter what's going on, I'm going to show up. I'm going to do what I said I was going to do.

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Procrastination is a Luxury

The second mindset shift that we need to make as entrepreneurs is accepting that procrastination is a luxury. When I look at the data, talk to my friends or clients, I realize that the thing that high-achieving women have in common is that we will overthink any and everything. What comes along with overthinking is procrastination. And procrastination is nothing but wasting time.

If you're overthinking and you're procrastinating and you're delaying this thing that you really want to see come into fruition in your life. Is that really how you want to operate? Do you feel really feel like you have so much time that it's okay for some to be wasted? I know I don't, friend! None of us truly have this luxury, right? Anything that we want that is available to us now, we should be taking action on it now, right now. Don't wait, don't put it off. Don't be like, "Oh, I'm going to do it when I have X, Y, Z." Do. It. Now.

We want to have these programs. We want to have successful businesses. We want to work with amazing coaches. We want to build communities of other entrepreneurs or other business besties or whoever. But instead of us going after those things now, we say, "Oh, I'm going to wait until..." or "I'm going to do it at this time." or "I'm going to do it after this." Friend, what are you waiting for!? You don't have the luxury of time to procrastinate.

The answers to your business decisions are in your data.

If you have followed me for any period of time, you know that I do not play when it comes to listening to what your data is saying. You, as a person, as a CEO, and as an entrepreneur, you cannot make any decision in your business without looking at what is already working or what is not working in your business. These information pools will tell you everything that you need to know, everything. Literally. If you want to know, how many times a week you should post, what days you should post, when you should post, what times you should send emails, check the data. All of this information, all of this data is available to you.

Friends, I want us to learn to go to our data, read our data, and make informed decisions versus looking at what other people are doing on the internet or relying solely on what others say we should be doing without looking at what is already working. Too many of us break things that are working well because we're looking at what someone else told us, based on what worked in their business. What works for their business may or may not work for you. Instead of making a guess, check your data. Get in the habit of making informed decisions for your business.


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You do not have to sell every day to make a sale every day.

I know that we think that if we get on Instagram and put a link in our stories every day we're going to make a sale. That's not actually how marketing works. There are systems and tools that you can put in place in the backend of your business to automate the selling of your offers or your products, so that way you do not have to sell every day. This mindset shift is especially important because your audience does not want to be sold to every day. They don't. When we think about growing our audience, when we think about the accounts that we engage in, the accounts that we like, they are not the ones that sell every single day.

Ask yourself, "why is it that I'm posting these links to my stories and I'm promoting my offer every day, and I'm not seeing the traction that I want?" Then consider if you have the backend sales system that you need for your business to generate, or to keep up with those sales. Do you have abandoned cart sequences? Do you have retargeting ads or retargeting emails, if someone lands on your website or they put something in your cart? Do you have emails that go out when someone doesn't complete the application to work with you? Or if they complete the application but they don't move forward? Are you following up with them at 30, 60, 90 days? Are you following up with people who worked with you last year and maybe it's time for them to come back for a VIP day this year? Do you have these marketing systems in place in your business? Because you could be making money consistently with the help and with the use of these systems without having to sell online every day. This is how we move from being in the center of our business to overseeing our business, operating as the true CEO that we want to be.

You need something that is working for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and that is not reliant upon you and your energy. That is why marketing is so vital and important to your overall success. When we talk about hitting those consistent five-figure months, or we talk about having your first six-figure year, that's a marketing system. You're not going to create content your way into consistent five-figure months. You're not going to Reel your way into your first six-figure year. It's a marketing system. It's a strategy to this. And Instagram is not the only part or the only key component of that strategy. So when we talk about the fact that you don't have to sell every day to make a sale every day, I want you to start asking yourself, "Do I have these systems in place? Am I looking at my data to make informed decisions about what this system needs to look like for me or for my business?"

Customers buy the story.

Friends, customers buy the transformation story, not the benefits. When you're thinking about selling your offer, don't sell by saying, "Yes, this program is so great. You're going to get this workbook. You're going to get this free community. You're going to get these 12 modules..." No one cares about that. They want to know, how is this going to make them more money, save them time, or make their life easier? In what way? What is that transformation going to look like for them?

Let's say you have a content creation hub, and you want to talk about how this content creation hub is going to save your clients four hours a week on creating content. It is going to make it so easy for them to delegate their content to their team members, to have more creative ideas that actually convert for their clients. You want to talk about how this content creation hub is going to take the guesswork out of what to post on social media. Because you know that your clients are so frustrated every time they come on Instagram, or they go on LinkedIn and they're like, "What should I post?" And this content creation hub makes it so easy for them to know exactly what to post on social media. These are the transformations of what is happening as a result of them purchasing this product. The transformation story is much more gripping than listing the benefits, like, "It's an Airtable base. It has 12 tabs with XYZ automations and you get these templates." Your customer doesn't care. And they can't put themselves in the shoes of the customer who would purchase that to know why they need to give you their money for. Because at the end of the day, all of us are looking for convenience. All of us are looking to make more money or save more time. That's it.

Final Thoughts

Friends, all it takes is a few mindset shifts to start building the businesses we're all aiming for. Remember: consistency tops talent; procrastination is a luxury; the answers are in your data; you don't have to sell every day; and customers buy the story. Think about how you can apply them to your business this year, especially as you are trying to figure out how to hit your consistent five-figure months or hit your first six-figure year. Then share your story with me in the comments!



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