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Does Your Client Avatar Match Your Launch Strategy

Updated: Jan 12

Spoiler alert, friends, your launch has nothing to do with you. One of the biggest mistakes that I see CEOs make is choosing a launch plan that feels good and comfortable to them without first thinking about what it is their ideal clients actually need and want. Your business won't benefit from keeping you comfortable. But you can plan your launch in a way that prevets overwhelm while keeping your ideal client in the forefront of your brain using data.

Review the Data You Already Have

As a CEO, it is imperative that you learn to use the data that you have on hand and at your disposal to make informed and profitable decisions. That includes during your launch. The very first thing that you want to know is where to actually pull the data from. You may be thinking that you need to look at consumer marketing websites, Google Analytics, or other big data collecting companies. And while that is true, there is also some quantitative and qualitative data that you already have on hand if you are already in the process of speaking to your ideal clients.

Start by reviewing your application or your discovery call form. These forms are so full information that CEOs only review them once or twice. Here you have your ideal client's struggles, how they found you, what they want to see change in their life or in their business in the next 90 days, where they are located, and moe in one central place. Use the responses to all of these questions to help you make informed decisions with your marketing because you're able to compile all of that information into one central location that you can use to make informed decisions.

Also, remember to check social media. What are you seeing in your comments? What are you seeing in your DMs, when you're hosting polls, when you're doing lives? Is there any trend that you're seeing between your audience and between the people who follow you that you can use to make informed decisions about your launch? A quick review of your social media can answer small questions, like what time should I go live to discuss my launch, that make a big impact.

Finally, don't forget about your transcripts. So many of us record our calls to share with clients and let them just sit in our Loom or Zoom accounts. We're not using the transcripts to their absolute best capacity at all. Instead of sitting on all of that data, pull the transcripts for your videos,using a platform like Rev or Otter, and schedule time to revisit them. These transcripts can be used to continuously market your business, to gather data about what it is your clients want, or what they need and use this information to center your launch.

Consider Where Your Engagement Comes From

Now that you know where to get the data from, consider is where are you getting the most engagement? This will help you identify where you should be promoting your launch online. If you have profiles on multiple platforms, like Instagram and LinkedIn or Twitter and Pinterest, and you want to get as large of a turnout as possible for your launch, you want to start with where are your ideal clients actually engaging with you?

Keep in mind that each of the different platforms has a specific use. When you think about the use of the platform, it also is indicative of why your audience is larger in this space than maybe another space. Instagram is really good for storytelling. LinkedIn is really good for building connection and making career decisions and things like that. When you're able to identify the use of the platform and where you're seeing the most engagement, you're able to say, okay, what is it that my ideal client is really looking for from me?

You also want to think about how you are using your social media platforms. If you are using your Instagram to share tips and strategies, you may look at that data and say, "my audience is growing whenever I'm sharing a tip or a strategy. It looks like this is something that they want from me. How can I create a launch event that centers a tip and a strategy to get a higher conversion from my ideal clients?" Asking yourself thoughtful questions about the actions that your ideal clients are taking will help create a launch event that centers them and their needs and their pain points and what it is that they're really looking for from you.

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Listen to Your Ideal Client's Wants and Needs

Listen closely when your ideal client is talking about what they want or need. What are they saying their pain point is? And how can you solve that pain point at the beginning that will lead them into your signature offer? So, as an example, let's say you're a graphic designer, and you're seeing that your ideal clients don't know how to pick a brand color. Maybe you host a training on color theory, and the meaning behind different colors, and how they can create color palettes using color palette generators. That is how you implement your client's pain point into your strategy.

Keeping with the same example: because of your expertise, you will know that the training is just the first step, because not only do they need a color palette, they need a full brand identity. That may be a service you offer, but if you can help them get the first step, then you know that the chances of them converting into your larger package of the brand identity is greater. Being thoughtful and intentional about how you respond to their wants and needs is key to clarifying your launch strategy.

Consider How Your Ideal Client Makes Decisions

It is important for you to know how your ideal client makes decisions. Do they choose in the moment? Do they need a little bit more nurturing? Do they need an email sequence? Do they need a discovery call? Do they need an application? Do they need for you to connect with them in the DMs? Do they need a chat box? Do they like to make decisions out in the public or do they like to make decisions privately? Do they need to consult anyone, like their CFO or their spouse or whoever? What is it that they need to make the best and the most informed decision, and how do you create that environment or that space during your launch period that allows them to get all of their questions answered and allows them to make the best, most informed decision with ease?

You can implement this by asking yourself, do I see a higher conversion on discovery calls or are my clients just completing the application and then moving on through the process? Am I seeing that when clients complete application and I send them a DM or a voice note that there is a higher conversion? Am I seeing that my students really convert well when I teach or did they really convert well when I connect the story to my messaging? What is it that is really getting them to say, okay, this is the person for me?

The next step is figuring out how to leverage that information and data when you're planning your launch. You want to make sure that every decision that you're making about your launch from the number of emails and what time you send the emails. When you're looking at your open rates and your click through rates, do your ideal clients like subject lines that are more based in a question, or do they like subject lines that leave them wondering and leave them questioning? What is it that gives your ideal clients the hmm to go ahead and make a decision.


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Final Thoughts

You want to consider all of these points as you are doing things in your business, like creating and implementing strategies, asking what is working and what is not working? And once you identify that, then you can sit back and you can ask yourself, well, why is this working? Is this where I best show up? As an example, I know that for me, I don't like webinars because I don't like one way communication. I really, really thrive when people are talking back to me, they're asking questions, I'm answering questions and it's more free flowy. They can have their computers on, they can unmute themselves. Like that really gives me energy. And I know that when I'm in that type of environment, my conversion rate will always be higher. And so I don't host webinars. I may host a workshop or I may host a training or a live event because there, people can interact and they can engage with me.

And I was only able to come to that decision because I have spent so much time asking myself why? Where is my ideal client making the best decision? Where are they converting the fastest? How am I shortening my buyer's life cycle? So you want to make sure that you are asking yourself these exact same questions as well. So that way, you can be auditing your processes and auditing your launch plans and making them increasingly more effective as you go along. So if you need a little help planning your next launch, apply to work with me using the link below, or you can snag the Profitable People Program in my shop. You can get 15% off your first order.

And before you go, don't forget to pop on over into the comments and let me know what is one data location that you have been failing to audit?



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