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6 Business Tools I Used to Grow a 6 Figure Business Coaching

Updated: Jan 12

Have you been struggling to launch your coaching or online service providing business? Overwhelmed with all of the tools and frustrated because you're spending a bunch of money and still not seeing a return?

If any of this sounds like you, I totally get it. When I first decided to take my expertise and bring it online into these internet streets, I had NO idea where to start. I've been able to really grow my business over the last year but it took a lot of trial and error, wasted time, money, and resources, and extreme frustration.

I'm about to help you skip all of these shenanigans with a launch tools cheat code. You ready?

Email Marketing: ConvertKit

Ok, so the very first tool that I've used since the very beginning to grow my business has been ConvertKit. ConvertKit is an email marketing platform that is best for online coaches and service providers because of the way they let you tailor your messaging depending on your subscribers engagement. I use ConvertKit to capture leads using their landing page function and then nurture them to purchase through automated email sequences. I mean GAMECHANGER.

No more wasting time wondering if this person or that person got their free resource or if they've heard from me since. The ConvertKit interface is also super easy to navigate which makes it a plus as a recommendation for my accelerator students.

Online Cart Platform: ThriveCart

I've been using ThriveCart for about the last 6 months and I can't stop saying enough good things about it. For one, it integrates directly with ConvertKit.

Brianca, what the hell does that mean?

It means that if someone makes a purchase in ThriveCart. ConvertKit is automatically notified and the subscriber profile is updated. This is helpful if you want to send automated emails after a service or product is purchased to continue nurturing your client.

ThriveCart also makes it easy to create additional streams of income by with their affiliate feature. This allows you the opportunity to have past clients or customers recommend your offer to their audience. They receive an automatic commission and you get new clients! Win-Win!

Integrations Tool: Zapier

Zapier has probably saved me hours of my life just by itself. And i'm not exaggerating. Zapier is an integration tool that allows different applications and tools to talk to one another. The reason that this is SO helpful is because it cuts you out at the middleman.

Example: I've struggled to remain consistent on Pinterest. So I created a Zap that automatically publishes to Pinterest whenever I share content on Instagram .

There's no way I would have been able to get consistent and free up some of that time without Zapier.

Project Management: ClickUp

I use ClickUp to keep my launch and team deadlines on track. And this platform has everything that I could possibly need to organize my brain without feeling overwhelmed by all of the features. ClickUp is where I break down the tasks of each launch, and when something needs to happen.

No more cluttered office with 101 notebooks and scribbles everywhere. With this tool, I am able to keep everything in one place.

Task Manager: Sunsama

I was recently introduced to Sunsama, but it has completely changed the way I navigate my day. Sunsama is a daily task manager and calendar and what it's done for me is help to reel back in my to-do list so that it's actually manageable and realistic. Now I can see exactly how long it normally takes me to complete a task. I can see how I am splitting my days and even weeks to ensure that I am completing tasks that are working towards my milestone goals.

It's amazing. The best part is that it integrates seamlessly with ClickUp and GMAIL so that my to-do's aren't all over the place and i'm not being distracted by the entire project I have to complete.

Database Platform: Airtable

Last but not least, Airtable is the magical unicorn of tools that I use DAILY to run and grow my 6 figure business. IN FACT, I'm writing this blog post in Airtable right now.

Airtable is database platform. It basically compiles all of your information into spreadsheet like bases (but on steroids). It makes it super easy to see all of your information at a glance and organize by different themes. If you are a coach or service provider, I cannot recommend Airtable enough. It will literally save you SO MUCH time, money and energy.

I learn a lot about Airtable, how to use it, and had it set up for my business during a VIP Day with Ashley, CEO of Do The Damn Thing. Check out some of her offers and tell her that I sent you – I promise, you've never experienced anything like this before.

Using these tools, I've been able to free up so much of my time and build a multi six-figure business in just one year. I know it can be overwhelming trying to figure out the best tools for you and you business, how to get them to work together, and even figuring out which tools you even really need.

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