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You've already proven yourself.

Now it's time to profit from your expertise.

Learn a proven process for packaging your expertise into a 5-figure launch and automating your sales so you can build a profitable, sustainable business without overwhelm.

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Seen In Brianca Johnson, Marketing Strategist & Consultant
Brianca Johnson, Marketing Strategist & Consultant

It Ain’t Rocket Science, Friend!

How to Position Your Expertise, Build an Authentic Personal Brand, and Plan a Profitable Launch in 90 Days

It Aint Rocket Science, Friend by Brianca Johnson Kirkman, Marketing Strategist & Consultant

hey, friend...

Meet Brianca,

Your Marketing Automations Expert and Consultant 

A Senior Digital Marketing & Communications Officer for a global nonprofit, author, speaker, and corporate trainer who leveraged her corporate expertise and unique experiences to grow her side hustle to a multi six figure business. Let her do the same for you! 

Brianca Johnson, Marketing Strategist & Consultant

She's on a mission to help professional women leverage their expertise to launch & grow profitable businesses.

Brianca Johnson, Marketing Strategist & Consultant

Brianca believes:

with a proven process and the right marketing systems, you can go

From This
To This
Feeling invisible or overlooked online.
Being seen as a thought leader in your industry.
Fighting imposter syndrome
Confidently promoting your offers
Struggling to generate consistent revenue
Consistently enrolling your ideal clients
Drowning in job, family, and business responsibilities
Autonomy over your schedule & day-to-day life
Overwhelmed & discouraged by your marketing
Building automate marketing & sales systems

just like...

Ashley N.


"I had my first five-figure launch in June 2021. I also did a workshop as a lead up for my launch, and I had 12 participants in that. 


I thought I was going to be doing coaching. And now I realize I’m going to be running an agency. I would have never arrived at the point I'm at right now if it wasn't for the accelerator."

Ashley Harlan

Nadejiah T.


I had my first $10K launch for my signature program DURING the Accelerator.


I have no doubts that this was a result of taking immediate action/implementing the modules in real-time and Bree pushing me to aim higher with my goals instead of playing small or playing it safe.

Nadejiah Towns
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launch & grow


Clarity to Coins


The premier membership & coaching program for professional women who want want to package their expertise into a signature offer and plan a 5-figure launch.

Marketing Inspection


The Marketing Performance Inspection is a four-point inspection to assess and advise on your services, systems, strategy, and structure


Brianca Johnson, Marketing Strategist & Consultant
Brianca Johnson, Marketing Strategist & Consultant
Brianca Johnson, Marketing Strategist & Consultant

Not sure where to start?

Here’s how I can help:


You’re ready to package your expertise, launch your coaching or consulting business, and secure 5-figures.

You want a simple strategies you can deploy to begin showing up as the expert and selling your offer.



Audit & Action Plan

You're making sales, but they're inconsistent and you're struggling to find the gaps that are holding you back from consistent sales.

You want an actionable plan to fill the gaps and begin closing more sales.


Strategy and Support

You know what needs to be done, but you're wasting time and money trying to figure out how to do it in isolation.

You want a skilled expert to come in, answer your questions fast, and support in implementation.



Premium Products

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Launch Made Simple


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Profitable People Program



Metrics Tracker



It Ain't Rocket Science, Friend!




A weekly newsletter for coaches & consultants who want to learn easy-to-implement, no-fluff marketing and sales strategies to launch & grow their business and build a harmonious life. 

Marketing Moves

Discover how to grow your business with these marketing and monetization strategies.

Marketing Messages

Get caught up on the latest  marketing strategies and tips for emerging entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants.

Brianca Johnson, Marketing Strategist & Consultant
Brianca Johnson, Marketing Strategist & Consultant
Brianca Johnson, Marketing Strategist & Consultant
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