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Optimize Your Strategy

Friend, you’ve got a grasp on how to market, but you need to work smarter and save more time.

Right now, your mission is to find the gaps in your marketing services, systems, and structure so you can save time and convert clients quicker.

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Fast Action Focuses

Identify your goal.

Is your goal to save more time on your marketing or to make more money? Use the S.M.A.R.T framework to map out that goal. It’s what you’ll use to identify what’s stopping you from getting there.

Identify the gaps.
Based on your goal, identify what is holding you back? Is it a lack of systems or support? Or are your services not converting the way you need them to? The answers to these questions give you the baseline of where to start to improve your marketing system to achieve your goals.

Pull your past data.

Look at your numbers – how many discovery calls have you booked, how many clients converted, what were your sales, how many email subscribers do you have, etc – these numbers will tell you where you need to focus your efforts in order to begin making more money.

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marketing performance


The great news is that we can work through this process together during the Marketing Performance Inspection. Book a discovery call today to learn more about the Marketing Performance Inspection and how I can help you dig deep into the aspects of your marketing that drive revenue so you can optimize your marketing to increase consistent and continuous sales. 

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Hey, Friend!

I’m Brianca Johnson Kirkman and I specialize in helping business owners (like you) execute easy-to-implement, no-fluff marketing strategies and automation so they can confidently sell their expertise, grow their audience, increase their sales, and automate their marketing without wasting time or getting overwhelmed.

If you’re ready to master your marketing strategy so you can make money moves then you’re in the right place and I can’t wait to help you!

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