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Friend, you've got the expertise, and you've delivered results, but the struggle to consistently get clients is real.

Right now, your mission is to build momentum and generate as many sales in a specific time period as possible so that you can increase the awareness of your offer, deliver results, and use those results to begin marketing consistently. 

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Fast Action Focuses

Start conducting marketing research.

A key factor in creating marketing strategies that really land with your ideal clients is to know what they need and how they want to be talked to. In order to do this you need to talk with the people you want to serve. Send out some emails, ask questions in your stories, and even book a few coffee chats to learn more about your ideal clients and their needs.

Craft your ideal client avatar.

Use your market research to create an avatar of your ideal client. Don’t just focus on demographics, either. Think about their motivations, their pain points, desires, and the transformation they are seeking. Use the words (transcripts) from your questionnaires and coffee chat calls.

Map out your funnel.

Think about your ideal clients’ journey and your offer ladder, how do they overlap? How can you guide them along their journey helping to solve their problems and provide the ultimate transformation using your offers? Map that out using a tool like Miro, LucidChart, or even Canva.

We cover all of this and more in Clarity to Coins. The premier membership, designed to guide women entrepreneurs through every stage of launching and growing a service-based business using sustainable, digital marketing strategies and advanced automations.

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Hey, Friend!

I’m Brianca Johnson Kirkman and I specialize in helping business owners (like you) execute easy-to-implement, no-fluff marketing strategies and automation so they can confidently sell their expertise, grow their audience, increase their sales, and automate their marketing without wasting time or getting overwhelmed.

If you’re ready to master your marketing strategy so you can make money moves then you’re in the right place and I can’t wait to help you!

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