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Planning A Safari Baby Shower: Everything You Need to Know

Safari Baby Shower

Kirkman's safari baby shower

When we found out we were having a boy I immediately started brainstorming cute baby shower themes. At the end, we had two final contenders "We Can Bearly Wait" and a "Safari Baby Shower". In the end, I picked the safari themed baby shower because I felt like it was a little more boyish and would allow more room for my Mom and Sister (the head planners) to get more creative.

Honestly, the shower came out better than I could have expected and I am so excited to share the details with you and help you plan your very own Safari Baby Shower. I'll be sharing all of my links as well as pictures

Safari Baby Shower Ideas

Whenever I begin planning an event, I always look on Pinterest for ideas. So as were brainstorming what we wanted the baby shower to look and feel like I created a Pinterest board of ideas, check it out here.

Now, I won't lie, my main two concerns were: good food and games. But, it was also important that we executed the theme. Here were some of my top inspo photos:

safari baby shower ideas

safari baby shower idea, water hole

But, I made sure to save the complete board of ideas with the head planners so they could draw from any additional inspiration. And they killed it.

Safari Baby Shower Decorations

Our safari baby shower decorations mostly came from Amazon. My mom saved a cart full of stuff and then began shipping it down here a few weeks before the shower since she had to fly in. Once she got here we spent a whole day running last minute errands and picking up the last of essentials.

You can shop our safari baby shower decorations here:

safari baby shower decorations shopping guide

In this Amazon list, you'll find everything we used as well as some recommended products and decorations. I wanted to ensure the guide was robust and complete so you didn't have to shop around to pull this look off if you didn't want to. Just order and open up Amazon boxes.

Safari Baby Shower Cake

Now, I don't know if this has happened to anyone else, but before I got pregnant I did not eat sweets or desserts, but since being pregnant, I take my desserts very seriously. So instead of just opting for a cake we went with a naked cake and cupcakes in four different colors from Publix. (Our cake was destroyed in transit so we ended up with just the cupcakes and it was more than enough!)

safari baby shower cupcakes

We used the cupcake picks found HERE and added them to each cupcake and it came out super cute IMO! Let me know what you think in the comments.

Safari Baby Shower Invitations

Because our family literally lives all over the U.S. It was imperative that we had a virtual/in-person experience for our baby shower so we decided it would be best to use e-vite versus printed baby safari baby shower invitations.

We were able to find a theme that matched perfectly and it allowed us to have guests RSVP for the virtual experience as well as the in-person experience without a lot of chaos and confusion. If you're like us, I'd definitely recommend this as an option.

Safari Baby Shower Favors

Our safari baby shower favors were animal keychains that my mom ordered from Amazon. You can shop them for yourself HERE.

safari baby shower favors

I thought these were a super cute and simple way to thank guests for attending the shower and reminding them of the event.

Safari Baby Shower Food Ideas

Now, this was my favorite part of the shower. The snack bar was so cute and my vision really shined here.

safari baby shower food ideas

safari baby shower food ideas

safari baby shower food ideas

Our snack bar consisted of a ton of different snacks and foods that the guest could nibble on until it was time for the main course. We used mini chalkboards, also found in the safari baby shower shopping guide to label the foods in safari themed names:

  • Ruffage: Fruit & Veggie Tray

  • Tiger Tails: Cheetoh Puffs

  • Elephant Poop: Milk Duds

  • Jungle Snack: Animal Crackers

  • Jungle Vines: Twizzlers

  • Zebra Filets: Zebra Cakes

  • Watering Hole: Bottles of Water

  • Jungle Juice: Lemonade Punch

The main course of the baby shower was catered by Maggianos and Wingstop. We had a full pasta bar, salad, bread, and wings. There was so much food and everyone ate good which was super important to me.

Baby Shower Games

Now the games were super important to me because I wanted the shower to be fun. I'm also a really big kid and love games so I took this very seriously!

Bottle Chugging Contest

Each participant was given a bottle with a random liquid inside that they had to chug. The first person to chug their bottle won the game.

Who Knows Mom & Dad Best

Each guest had to complete these forms to identify how much they knew about me and Alonzo and I. Some of the responses shocked them but it was so fun to watch everyone try and guess.

What's Your Safari Animal Name?

We didn't offer prizes for this one but it was nice to share everyone's name and it was a nice ice breaker at the beginning of the shower when everything was still getting set up!

Our Safari Baby Shower

All in all, our safari baby shower was a beautiful experience and we were so grateful to our family for working together. We also want to thank our family and friends for attending and showering our baby with so much love! It was definitely an overwhelming experience of joy and excitement that we will never forget.

You can watch a quick recap of how it all came together here:

Photos & Videos: JS Creative Group

Planning and Execution: My Mom, Sister, Mom In Love, Aunt, and Cousin

Make Up: J. Thomas Artistry

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