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Podcast: Dropping Fear For Fulfillment

Episode Summary

In this episode, Bree shares with me:

  • Her ultimate goal to help women

  • Her 6-year aspiring act

  • How/why she started TBJ Consulting

  • Why entrepreneurship was not her first choice

  • Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

  • Advice for her future daughter

  • About her Virtual Book Club and what they’re currently reading

  • Quote of the Podcast – Proverbs

  • About her new Accelerator Program – accepting new cohorts

Quotable Moments

This is what Bree had to say in this episode.

  • “I never want to be curious of someone else’s life because I’m too scared to live my own.”

  • “I like getting my check every 2 weeks and knowing that I could pay my bills……. it felt easier but it wasn’t fulfilling. It didn’t make me happy.”

  • “I say do it……. but I also feel like you’ll know when it’s the right time for you to do it.”

  • “That’s how I wanna be. I just wanna live my life without fear, without control. I just wanna walk in a room and exude this strong, confident, secure w

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