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How to Grow Brand Visibility as an Online Coach

Updated: Jan 12

Have you been struggling to launch your program or offer online because no one knows that you exist, or if they do know, they're really not paying you any attention? Well, stay tuned because in this blog post I'm going to give you three strategies to increase your brand awareness and visibility online.

These are the exact same strategies that my clients have been able to use to do major, incredible things, like be featured in national publications, such as Oprah and Pop Sugar, work with their dream clients, and be seen as industry experts.

Collaborate for more visibility.

The number one strategy that we want to increase your brand awareness and visibility is going to be collaboration. Collaboration is when you work with someone who is complementary to your industry. Basically, what that means is they are someone who your ideal clients will either work with before or after or alongside working with you. A good example of this is let's say you're a graphic designer and you design websites. You know that in order for your clients to work with you, they need to work with a copywriter, they may need to get photos from a photographer, they may even need to work with a videographer and a stylist. All of these experts are complementary to the work that you do, so when you are looking to expand your reach, expand your visibility, and expand your brand awareness, you want to tap into those experts, so that way you can get in front of their audiences because they are also going to want to eventually expand and work with you as well.

By pitching to teach or to train on complementary platforms, basically, what you do is you penetrate your expertise into a community of other ideal clients who have not yet connected with you or who do not yet know about you. This is one of the best ways to expand your reach, but in a targeted way, because you end up working with people who will be seeking or who have already sought out services like yours.

Invite Expert Trainers & Be An Expert Trainer

Another way to increase your collaboration is to ask those experts to come and to teach or to train on your platform. The reason that this works is because when they come to your platform, they may mention it to their audience, like, "Hey, I went and I taught this training in Brianca's Clarity to Coins Accelerator program and it was such a wonderful program. I really loved her students. It was so great. Go check her out." Now, that expert's audience is coming to see what it is that you are doing and why you're so great that they felt compelled to go and teach and train on your platform, so I want you to understand that the collaboration works both ways. It's not only about going to go speak on someone else's platform, but it could also mean bringing that expert to come and teach or speak or train on your platform as well.

Establish an Affiliate Marketing Program

You may even want to look into establishing an affiliate marketing program. Basically, what this means is that when people work with you and then refer you, they end up getting a commission when someone uses their link or mentions their name to work with you or join one of your programs or your offers. This works really well, especially when you are collaborating with complementary service providers who are sharing your content either on their blog or their YouTube channel or their podcasts, et cetera, and so if their audience is listening to this podcast or they're listening to this YouTube channel and they're like, "Oh, my gosh, she sounds so smart. I think I want to work with her," and they go in the description box, click that link, this person now is brought back to you, so you win. But then the person who referred them, either through their channel or through their podcast or their YouTube channel, et cetera, they also receive an affiliate commission, so it's a win-win.

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It is a rewarding experience to be able to share your knowledge and share your expertise across platforms, not just yours, but across other platforms where your ideal clients and your ideal audience is already engaging and consuming content.

Create Consistent Content

The second way in which you can expand your brand awareness and visibility is by sharing content consistently. I know how hard that is, with all the platforms that we have out here, and really being just confused or feeling like, "Oh, how do I stay consistent? What do I talk about? What do I share?" et cetera. But when you are able to leverage content consistently, you're able to build momentum to your offers, you're able to be a resource for your ideal clients, and they trust you more because they're coming back time and time again and seeing that you are showing up and you are delivering for them.

Share Polarizing Ideas

Some of the ways that you can create content that expands your brand awareness and your visibility online is simply by sharing your polarizing ideas. What do you think or what do you do that is different from other experts in your industry? A good example is that when I first started really marketing my business, one of my polarizing views was that I did not think that webinars were a good idea. At the time, everyone was doing webinars because it was during COVID, but only the people who I saw who were getting major success or major traction from the webinars were people who have major, large audiences.

My ideal clients, primarily service providers, coaches, and experts who have less than 10,000 followers, they were not seeing a major trend of success with webinars because they did not have a nurtured or primed audience, and so because I started speaking about that, a lot of my ideal clients started magnetizing themselves to my content because they felt seen, they felt like, "I had tried this webinar and it did not work for me and you are the first person to say that it's not going to work and that you have a solution,". So it's not just about penetrating this platform with your polarizing ideas, but it's also about using those polarizing ideas to position your offer. That's one way in which you can use content to increase your brand awareness and visibility and it is a really good way because it also positions your expertise, which I talked about in the last video, and I'm going to link it here.

Give your audience the inside scoop.

Some other ways to use content to expand your brand awareness and visibility is to basically share:

  • your story

  • share the transformation of your offer

  • share the behind-the-scenes of how you are building your business

  • share what your offer is

  • what the pain points are of your ideal clients who need this offer

  • what their desires are

  • what objections they may be combating

And really use your content to nurture your audience to really understand that, "This is an offer that I need, and maybe I didn't realize that I always needed it, but because Brianca keeps talking about it and she's sharing stories around it, she's sharing her clients who have gotten results from this offer, now I'm like, 'Dang, I need this, too.'"

Share other experts on your platforms

Let's say you find someone who is an industry expert and they say something, or they share a piece of content that is really related to your industry and really in alignment with your thought leadership, maybe you share that content and you tag them and you give your viewpoint on why you agree with it, or how you implement this type of thinking into your own business. What it does is you validate another industry expert, but you also are acknowledging them, and so that way, when they share it, now you're penetrating their audience as well, so it's always about thinking about how can you bring this person's audience back to your platform and get them to find value in your content.

Why consistency is important.

If you're not sharing content consistently, then none of these strategies are going to work in your favor because even when you penetrate these other platforms and you bring them back to your audience, you're not going to be able to serve a consistent value for that audience so I want you to understand that consistency is key. Do not be discouraged just because you feel like, "Well, I've been posting content, and I've been doing the things, but I'm not seeing the result, and it's been three days." It's going to take a little bit longer than that.

An important FYI about consistent content.

Just be consistent. Let that snowball get big as it's rolling down the hill and grow that momentum. Really focus on those collaborations, focus on using those collaborations in connection with your content, and really think about how you're going to use this content to position your expertise and to prime your audience because I want you to understand that all of these things are working together. They are not isolated. They do not work alone. You have to be doing all of these things at the same time in order to increase your brand awareness, increase your brand visibility, and grow your business.


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The third way to grow your brand awareness and visibility is through connection. A lot of times, we think that just because we have a business, or just because we have an idea, people should buy into it, but that's really not how it works. A lot of times when we are seeing momentum, when we're seeing our ideal clients buy into our offers, it's because we have consistently created these relationships with our audience, created this connection where they are not only just consuming our content, but they're seeking it out because they know that, "Oh, dang. Brianca is my friend. Brianca feels like my homie. I really know her," et cetera. But your audience can't feel that way about you unless you deepen that connection with you.

Don't be too cool to engage with your audience.

Some ways to do that are to reply to your comments when your ideal clients or when your audience is engaging in your comments. Don't just ghost them. Don't just feel like, "Oh, I'm too cool to reply to these comments. I'm going to just let them comment up in here and I'm going to be quiet." Don't do that. Really engage with them, engage even with your ideal client's content before they come to you. If you recognize that someone online would be a really good fit for your program, watch their stories, like their content, provide value to them even before they become a client because that is one of the ways in which you can continuously build trust.

Turn your followers into champions.

One of the things that I like to do that I learned recently from my business bestie is turning my followers into champions. If you have been in this business long enough, then you know that there are sometimes just going to be stragglers who they want to work with you, but they are either working through some mindset challenges, or they are saving up, or they are trying to convince themselves that you are the best person to work with them. But I don't want you to be discouraged by them. Instead, what I want you to do is turn those people into champions for your business. Ask them to share your content, ask them to comment, to like, to answer your questions when you do polls and when you do sticker taps and things like that. Get them involved in helping to disseminate and spread the word of your message and of your business because they like you so much or while they're saving up to work with you.

Final Thoughts

I just want to reiterate that the three ways to build brand awareness and brand visibility online are through collaboration, content, and connection. Using these three Cs together, will help you not only just penetrate new audiences but nurture those audiences through your content and convert those audiences through your connection with them, through your relationships.

If you liked this blog post and strategies and you want to learn more about how to increase your brand awareness and visibility online, then click the link below and sign up for the Profitable People Program or Apply to Work With me.

Let's Chat:

Head over into the comments and let me know, what polarizing ideas or viewpoints can you share with your audience and content right now that will position you as an expert and really increase your brand awareness and visibility because your ideal clients will feel like, "Dang, this person sees me, they understand me, and I agree with this. I want to work with them"? Let me know what that polarizing viewpoint or that polarizing idea is in the comments and let's chat about it.



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