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Do I Really Need to Market My Offer with a Launch?

Are you wondering whether or not a launch is the right strategy for you or your business? Have you asked yourself how to best position a new product or service in the marketplace? Do you even know what a launch is?! I'm here to help clear up any confusion, friends.

All right, now let's get into it. I know there is a lot of hoopla out here in these internet streets about launching. Some things that are being said are good, some of the things that are being said are bad, and you might just be in the middle know about like one, what does this even mean? Does it apply to me? And should I even be thinking about launching? Am I even ready to be launching a product or a service or a new business? We are going to break all of that down and I'm so excited to share all of the details with you.

What is a launch?

First, what actually is "launching"? I know that people like to use the terms "launching" and "marketing" interchangeably, but they are actually two very different things. In fact, launching is a strategy of marketing. So if you think of marketing as the umbrella, launching is actually up under it as one of the strategies that you can use to market your business. The entire purpose of a launch is to enter a new product or service into the marketplace, or to reenter a product or service into the marketplace. You can also leverage launching to build brand awareness or visibility for your business.

Launching is all about building momentum with your audience. It is designed as a campaign to build excitement around what is to come and to get your audience ready–with their debit card in hand–to purchase when that offer drops.

Do I need to launch?

Now that you know what a launch is, I'm sure you're asking do I need to launch? The answer is actually, no. You do not have to launch, but I do recommend it especially if you are a new or a beginning entrepreneur. If you have been in business less than three years, you should definitely consider incorporating a launch into your market strategy because it helps you get clear on your messaging and on your marketing strategy while you are also driving results for your business and generating income.

What are launch goals?

Now the very first thing that I want to make clear is that your launch does not only have to focus on driving revenue. Your launch goals can include a number of things, like increasing your brand visibility or online subscribers across platforms. If you are a new entrepreneur and you do not have a large audience, it may be beneficial for you to launch your business with the expectation of growing more brand awareness and more visibility through the likes of a podcast tour, guest publications, or media features. Leverage those strategies to grow your audience first before you launch to them and when you launch you will already have an audience primed to convert.

What are the benefits of launching?

Friends, I really believe that if you are able to plan a successful launch, it will benefit your business, help grow your audience, and help grow your brand awareness and visibility online.

One of the key benefits of launching your product or service, or relaunching your product or service, is that it provides a cash injection to your business. And the reason that this cash is important is that it allows you to grow your inventory, invest in team members, and affords other key business investments to ensure that your launches are more and more efficient and optimized as time goes on.

Another business benefit of launching is that it helps grow your audience size. If you've ever launched and you look at what your audience size was before you launch and what your audience size is after you launch, nine times out of 10, what you'll see is that your audience actually grows throughout your entire launch period. The reason for this is that you're putting out so much content, you're educating your audience, and you're connecting with them on a deeper level than what you may be doing in your day-to-day business regimen. In turn, they are now sharing that content, they're putting it in their stories, and they're engaging with it. And what that is doing is it is building a know, like, trust factor.

Lastly, the biggest benefit that I have found for launching, is that it allows you to systemize your marketing. So it kind of takes the guesswork out of, oh, what should I talk about online this month? Or what should I be promoting? Or how should I be engaging with my audience online? Launching gives you a framework for your entire year or for your entire quarter to say this is a product that I'm going to promote. This is how long I'm going to promote it. And then when you're not promoting a product, you are able to kind of like take the pressure off and just focus on engaging with your audience, focus on expanding your brand awareness and your brand visibility. This serves you well in the long term.


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Can I have a successful business if I never launch?

All of this still leaves the question: can you have a successful business if you never launch? The answer is, hell yes you can, for sure, 100%. But in order for you to have a consistent business and to be able to do this without launching, you are really going to need to focus on developing a clear, consistent, and converting messaging and marketing strategy. This is where you want to really focus on how you will consistently generate leads in your business. That could be through earned media, which would be like going on podcasts, doing tours, doing media features, things like that. Or through paid media, which would be where you are leveraging Facebook ads, or paying influencers to promote your product or service. You can also leverage things like SEO or blog posts to consistently generate leads. Even YouTube is a really excellent strategy for generating leads if you are not going to launch. You want to make sure that you have a mix of some organic, some earned and some paid media strategies in place to drive those leads if that is the path that you decide not to take.

But I want to be clear: I think it's best for new entrepreneurs to launch because you don't have an audience yet. You are still in the process of growing your audience. If you do not have a strategy in place that focuses on driving as many people, as many potential clients to the top of your funnel as possible, then it's all moot. This is where I see so many new businesses fall off. Without a launch, new entrepreneurs aren't making enough money. They're not seeing enough leads. They're not having enough revenue in our business because we're not attracting enough of the right people. And that's why launching, especially if you are a new entrepreneur, is so important.

Launching injects cash into your business, helps grow your audience size, and allows you to systematize your marketing. All three are key to the longterm health of your business.

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Final Thoughts

To bring us in for a landing, friends: if you are a new or a beginning entrepreneur, I 100% recommend that you launch your business or your product, or reenter your product into the marketplace through a launch. However, if you decide that that is not what you want to do, it is okay. There are plenty of other strategies you can leverage to market your business consistently and drive leads and revenue to your business, even if you decide not to launch. So please keep that in mind. And in the event that you need a little help planning your next launch, please click the link below and apply to work with me. Or head on over to my shop and get the Launch Made Simple template. You can get 15% off if you are a first-time customer.

Let's Chat:

Head over into the comments and let me know, friends, are you adding a launch to your upcoming marketing strategy? How are you planning to make the launch a successful one?


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