You're the expert no one knows about.

Position Your Expertise

Launch Ready


You've got the goods, but no one knows it – yet! But it really doesn't matter how good you are if your ideal clients don't know it and in order to fix that, we have to position your expertise. When we position your expertise, we highlight your uniques experiences and expertise in relation to your ideal client's pain points.

And positioning is often the hardest part of this whole process. It's where most of my clients overthink and sell themselves short.

But not you, because you have a fast action plan to get your story and expertise out there and in front of paying clients. Review the Position Your Expertise section of the In-Demand Expert Course and start checking the tasks off your to do list. You'll find the access to your course in your inbox.

Ready to join the Clarity to Coins Accelerator? One of the key differentiators between hobbyists and CEOs is that they take action and seek out the resources they need to grow their business. You've got the expertise friend! But, it's time to develop an actionable launch and marketing plan.