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Are you ready to...

Quit “winging it” and get strategic about your launch?

It's time you stopped sitting on your gifts and talents while struggling to figure it out on your own and transition from hidden-gem to in-demand expert by leveraging the profitable knowledge you have so you can expand your reach and strategically launch your offer in 3...2...1.

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Not having the right marketing systems in place is costing you clients, connections, and coins!

You've been overthinking and overwhelmed on where to start & how to successfully market your business. The constant overanalyzing and critiquing has left you paralyzed and unseen and you're fed up. You're ready to move from out of the shadows and into the light, so you can finally be seen as the expert that you know you are.

Join the Marketing Masters Membership, An exclusive learning community for small business owners who want to learn and implement strategies to build a basic marketing foundation..

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let’s change how you launch

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You've been confused and stagnant in your business long enough while to finally make your vision a reality.

Here's the thing: you're great at what you do. Probably the best if we're keeping it 100. But no one else knows it besides your small circle of influence. Throughout your journey, you've really cultivated your expertise, and discovered what you're the absolute best at. Now you're ready for the clarity and actionable steps to gear up, go all in, and pour into others through your business.


fun fact:

You've just been scared to really show up and show out in your genius because you lack the strategy and clarity to leverage your unique expertise and effectively execute.

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Don’t play yourself by not playing this!

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Sis, you’re getting no where trying to Google it all.

Launching is so much more than just posting on social media, attending YouTube University, and downloading a bunch of freebies that do nothing but take up space in your Google Drive. Effectively leveraging your expertise and launching your business isn't guess work or a magic show where you snap your fingers or post one time and clients appear out of thin air. It takes real work, friend And I'm here to help you put in that work.

It's possible you're in 1 of these 3 positions:

+ Ready to begin building brand awareness & visibility so you can create an audience of ideal clients.

+ Never launched before and want a clear roadmap to position your expertise, prime your audience, and profitably launch.

+ Launched before, but want a customized strategy for your next launch that you can implement.

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It’s time you got off the sidelines and into the game with a real strategy.

Friend, you’ve watched from the sidelines long enough, stuck and stagnant. wondering when (or if) you'll hit your launch goals. But before you can start raking in the dough, a goal has to be set and the strategy has to be executed. Period.

I mean I totally get it. You’ve been lost in clouds and unclear about how to get your business out there. Worried about all of the wrong things - the perfect photos, social media templates, scripted IG captions, and whether or not you're using right hashtags. *insert eyeroll*. You've been so busy putting together a social media feed that is aesthetically pleasing that it's stopping you from doing the real, behind-the-scenes work.

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Your launches don't have to be ghetto, exhausting, or unprofitable.

But the reason they have been is because you've been missing the right game plan to help your business takeoff like it should. You've been taught that if you build it they will come.
But I'm here to tell you, it's a lie.

Truth: You'll build it and they'll come when you give them a reason!

Position Your Expertise

We guide you through the framework of taking your years of unique experience and expertise and leveraging it through storytelling and connection so you can position yourself as an industry leader.

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Prime Your Audience

We guide you in determining who your perfect person is, where to find them, and how to attract them through content. Then we build a content strategy to prime them to the purchase of your offer.


Plan Your Launch

We're committed to helping you gain a supreme level of clarity so you can follow your mapped out strategy step-by-step, from ideation to execution.


We help coaches and experts create a custom tailored game plan based on live data to map out what's working and what's not so they can launch more efficiently with the right system in place.


who do you identify with?

who do you identify with...



The Side Hustler Ready to be Seen

Brandee is a Systems Strategist and expert at what she does and knew without any doubt that her service offering practical steps to build systems that support her clients' business growth and sustainability was powerful
and possible. But she had a hard time making others know it too. Her biggest struggle lied in her ability to position herself to bring real brand awareness and gain the visibility she needed in order to make an impact. Brandee recognized that the expertise and knowledge she brought to the table didn't matter if she didn't have the clients to pour into. She was ready to figure out who she was talking to and serving, where to find them and how to speak their language.

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The Solopreneur Ready to Launch

Nadejiah had gotten super clear on what she offered and how it would serve and transform her people. But she had a hard time figuring out the best approach to make sure her offer was profitable and impactful. She was over trying to put the pieces together with free courses and downloadable e-books. Nadejiah finally realized that a few Instagram posts and an aesthetically pleasing feed wouldn’t do the trick when it came to getting her ideal audience to tap into her offer. She was ready to start positioning instead of promoting.

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The Six-Figure CEO Ready to Get Clear

Janelle transitioned from side-hustler to full-time entrepreneur in just 12 months. While planning her second launch, Janelle was ready to quit overthinking and gain clarity on how to profitably launch her two group programs. Janelle wanted a step-by-step gameplan to position her expertise, prime her audience, and plan her first multi six-figure launch.

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No Copy & Paste Strategies

Here, you won't find fifty-leven templates or copy & paste captions. Instead we empower you think like your own launch strategist & develop a custom strategy.

Empowered, not codependent.

Uniquely You

We won't just hand-feed you the answers, creating an environment of codependency. Instead, we'll equip you with the information, resources, and tools to make empowered marketing decisions.

We encourage our clients to bring their personality and uniqueness to the forefront of their marketing, celebrating authenticity and uniqueness.

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We don't create launch clones because there's no one-size-fits-all strategy to marketing.

it's time to make your move

Let’s figure out what you need first, then we’ll know where to start. Each custom tailored offer is going to be the key to creating the perfect game plan with actions that you can take and stick in order to achieve the best results.

Marketing Masters

You’re gearing up to launch your new offer but are missing the people that it's interested for. Let's be clear; before you can launch. you have to get the right people excited, engaged, and ready to work with you. Stop promoting and start marketing so you can build more brand awareness and establish you online visibility

Clarity to Coins

Over being stuck and stumped because things are a bit foggy? Get out of your head and into your bag so you can launch like an expert with clarity. Let's do the one-on-one work as we dig deep to get your ideas out of your head and into a tangible plan of action so that you can feel confident about launching.

Trainings and

Start learning the exact steps of
creating your launch
campaign to get more sales and
clients rolling in. You will be able
to get the help you need to position your expertise, prime your audience, and profitably plan your first five to six figure launch. You'll learn the strategy and the tools to implement successfully.

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hey friend!

I'm Brianca and I created my company to help entrepreneurs and side-hustlers create the life of their dreams by leveraging their expertise to build a business with clients they love. After quitting my job in July 2020, pandemic and all chile, I was able to make 6-figures in 6 months and pay myself more than what I made as a national non-profit digital director. I'm ready to help you do the same:

My work is founded on the promise to:

+ Help you develop a customized five to six-figure launch plan

+ Empower you to leverage and position your expertise

+ Get you properly positioned in these internet streets so you can say goodbye to being overlooked and unseen as the industry expert that you are

The girls call me their marketing muva.
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