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You're the expert no one knows about.

You need to market.

Launch Ready


You've got the goods, but no one knows it – yet! And it really doesn't matter how good you are if your ideal clients don't know it and in order to fix that, we have to position your expertise and properly market your business. When we position your expertise, we highlight your uniques experiences and expertise in relation to your ideal client's pain points building a bridge of connection.

Positioning is often the hardest part of this whole process. It's where most of my clients overthink and sell themselves short. But, it's also where the process of marketing begins.

Take fast action now to market your business with these three easy steps: 

  1. Identify your Unique Selling Proposition and share it with your audience.

  2. Identify 3 competitors and answer the following questions.

    1. What do you do that is better than your competitors? ​

    2. What do your competitors do better than you? 

    3. What areas can you improve to outshine your competitors?

  3. Identify 5 platforms that you can pitch in the next 30 days to share your expertise.

If you're looking for more actionable strategies to properly market your business? Join the Marketing Masters Membership.


Marketing Masters is an exclusive learning community for online service providers and coaches who want to master the marketing basics so they can grow their business and consistently make money online.

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