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You're the overlooked expert.

You need to launch.

Launch Ready


Your audience knows who you are, but they're overlooking you! They’ve been following along with you on social media and potentially even engaging with your content, but they know nothing about your offer or how it will help them. They haven’t determined that you’re the right person to solve their problems and this is why you need to launch. 


Launching is all about building momentum to your offer once you've gained your audience's trust. Basically, you want them panting at the mouth, excited to work with you. Launching is typically what stumps my clients, causing overthinking, frustration, and even imposter syndrome. But not you! 

Use these fast action steps to get your launch kicked off right! 

  1. Identify a launch date within the next 90 days. 

  2. Identify the launch assets that you'll need to spread the word of your offer through your launch period (graphics, emails, landing pages, sales page, promotional content, and tech systems). 

  3. Connect with 10-15 platforms you can leverage over the next 90 days to engage with more of your ideal clients and begin sending connection emails.

If you're looking for more actionable strategies to properly launch your offer? Apply for the Clarity to Coins Accelerator.


Clarity to Coins is a small group coaching program for online service providers and coachers who want to the systems and thought processes to profitably launch as their own launch strategist.

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