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about brianca

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Brianca is a Launch and Marketing Strategist who helps online coaches and service providers leverage proven launch and marketing strategies to position their expertise and grow their business. 

Brianca has been helping entrepreneurs, nonprofits, small businesses, and political campaigns improve and implement digital marketing campaigns since 2014 when she opened her business as a side hustle. In 2018 she served as the Digital Director for the 2018 Gubernatorial Campaign to elect Stacey Abrams and democrats across Georgia. During this time Brianca worked with a number of small businesses and became frustrated that these businesses were lost online and failing to make an impact with their ideal audience because they didn’t have proper marketing campaigns set up. 

In July 2020, Brianca quit her job as Digital Director for a national nonprofit to go full time in her business. In the first 6 months, Brianca generated 6 figures in just 6 months and helped her top 6 clients generate over $260,000. 

Bree’s mission is to help 1 million entrepreneurs in her lifetime position their expertise so they can profitably plan five-figure launches.