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I'm lookin' for my right-hand gal

Are you her?

Hey Friend! I'm Brianca, a Launch Strategist (but the girls call me the Marketing Muva). I help my clients position their expertise, prime their audience, and profitably plan their launch. I work primarily with coaches and transformational service providers who want to scale their business to their first six-figures.

Now before we get into the good stuff, here are a few things you should know: 

  • Clarity to Coins is my signature group coaching program. 

  • It's also the name of my proven framework: position your expertise, prime your audience, and plan your launch. 

  • BJ&Co. is growing fast af and we're continuously updating & optimizing our systems and processes to better serve out clients.

  • I'm a straight-shooter but I do it with love. 

  • I like to have a good time and celebrate with shots! 

  • Marketing is my jam, which means sometimes my brain moves 1000 miles per hour.

virtual assistant

Sound like you? This contractor role will start at 10-15 hours a week and scale up as I do. Pay will range from $18-$25 an hour based on experience and skillset. Experience working with ClickUp required, and bonus points if you've worked in corporate and/or have project management experience. I mean, you're basically the Beyonce of your field.

YASS! Love this. Let's get this party started 💃🏽

As our Virtual Assistant, you will work closely with the CEO of the company to ensure that the backend systems are efficiently running, clients are happy and satisfied, and that the team has is receiving and completing their tasks on time. 


  • Primary inbox email management. 

  • Google drive management and organization. 

  • Using otter or other transcription services to transcribe all zoom calls + pull out data, feedback, and testimonials.

  • Managing client gift process: forwarding email to gifting company, checking to make sure gift was sent and received. 

  • Managing client payments in Stripe, ThriveCart, and Dubsado.

  • Management of ClickUp, Slack, Dubsado, ConvertKit, and Wix where needed. 

  • Scheduling client check-ins. 

  • Upload Zoom recordings to Loom platform and keep organized.



  • Sending weekly reminder emails to accelerator and 1:1 coaching clients. 

  • Removing clients from Mighty Network & Circle Communities after program end date. 

  • Schedule graduation calls for accelerator students after program completion. 

  • Delegate monthly retainer tasks to copywriter and graphic designer

  • Manage and engage with Mighty Network & Circle Community group. 

  • Propose system updates to improve and streamline client efficiencies.



  • Oversee copywriter and graphic designer to ensure deliverables are complete on time. 

  • Manage to ensure on track with launch calendar – and operating in zone of genius. 

  • Take notes during weekly team meetings to ensure all tasks are delegated and scheduled. 

  • Compile BJ&Co. data into forms for analysis by CEO. 

Various Admin Tasks:

  • Meet with CEO on weekly basis to ensure all systems, clients, and team tasks are functioning properly. 

  • Develop & Maintain SOP Library for admin tasks. 

  • Reach out to & facilitate PR process for guest speaking, training, podcasts, etc.

  • Upload videos from Videographer to YouTube Channel & share with content team.

Miscellaneous tasks that may come up.

Platforms You Can Expect To Use: 

  • ClickUp 

  • ThriveCart

  • Circle Community

  • Mighty Network

  • ConvertKit

  • Slack 

  • Paperform

  • Wix

  • Airtable

  • Google Drive

  • Canva

  • Instagram

  • LinkedIn

  • Pinterest

  • Facebook 

  • Vimeo

  • YouTube

  • LastPass

key performance indicators

Where the money resides.


  • Inbox is organized & email loops are closed. 

  • Google Drive is organized & efficient. Users are removed. 

  • Client gifts are sent on time.

  • Zoom Recordings are uploaded with 24 hours.


  • Clients are onboarded properly into their program/service. 

  • Client replies are managed with 48 hours.

  • Graduation calls are scheduled on time. 

  • Client systems are properly audited, maintained, and optimized. 


  • Inbox is organized & email loops are closed. 

  • Google Drive is organized & efficient. Users are removed. 

  • Client gifts are sent on time.

  • Zoom Recordings are uploaded with 24 hours.


  • You are the CEO of your role and autonomous af. 

  • Scheduling 5 new visibility opportunities per month. 

  • Optimized and Update SOP library for various team members. 

  • Prepared with agenda for weekly team meetings.

we're a match made in heaven if:

  • You nerd out over the details and you're super organized – I mean Marie Kondo anyone? 

  • You have great availability. I'm in EST time zone. Atlanta to be specific. Bonus points if you're local to Atlanta

  • You promise to never use the words "boss babe" or other over used female entrepreneur lingo – ever.

  • Interested in being pushed and challenged. Joining a growing company is no joke.

  • You have experience in admin/project management roles with companies that are both online businesses and larger corporations.

  • You're not easily overwhelmed and you love managing lots of moving pieces.

  • If you read this far, on your application, under "name" also tell me what your all-time favorite cocktail is.

  • You have experience with basic community management & customer service.

  • You promise to not ask me questions that can be answered via Google.

  • You're looking for a part time role now that you can grow into. You're not juggling several jobs/clients at once. 

  • You have no desire to work as or own a digital marketing/launch strategy company.

Ready to get this party started?
Applications due by June 25, 2021