A 12-week program for corporate women who want to package their expertise into sellable offers and profitably market them so they can go from depending on payroll to writing their own checks.

Building a business can be overwhelming.

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You’ve got the expertise.

You’ve delivered the results.


It’s time more people knew your name and saw you for the go-to expert you really are...

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The copy and paste strategies you’ve been using to launch may have worked for a little while, but the inconsistent revenue is driving you insane.


You and I both know your service is the BOMB, but you’re struggling to market and package it confidently, so no one knows about it...or you.


The word-of-mouth referrals are cool I guess, but you’re tired of not knowing where your next lead will come from…


You’re constantly in this cycle of launching, but yet no invoices are being paid and no contracts are being signed...how sway?


You want your own community of ideal clients who won’t hesitate to pay you, but right now it just feels like all you’ve got in your audience are crickets...


i see you, sis. you're tired.


But let me be clear…


The 5-figure launches you’re trying to reach?


The paying audience you’re trying to find who will pay you without question and ON TIME?


The perfectly priced offers people will throw their credit cards at to have?


Where you’re trying to go, the ghetto marketing strategies have no place there.


It’s time to get some real marketing strategy that’ll turn your clarity and expertise into signed contracts and 5 figure coins.


I can tell she's ready to
let go of the ghetto launch

Because launching doesn’t have to be rocket science.


Finally breaking the annoying 4-figure barrier and hitting those 5 figure launches you’ve been praying for...we’re signing contracts and having invoices paid regularly.

Your audience finally sees you as the expert you’ve always been. No more convincing on sales calls or crickets from the audience.

You’re not the hidden gem anymore. Oh no, the people know your name, and they're ready to pay you too.

No more launch fatigue. We’re leaving that behind. With the custom marketing strategies you’ll be implementing, you can rest and know your launches are in the bag.

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That confidence and clarity it seems like everyone else has when selling and marketing online? You’ve got that too, and the coins are coming in effortlessly as a result.

You deserve results like these.


Empowered and excited to launch.

Scared of launching.

Feeling clear and confident in your plan.

Overwhelmed with your launch plan.

Launching to an audience ready to buy.

Struggling to grow your audience.

Building momentum for your offer.

Announcing your launch to crickets.

Positioning as the badass expert you are.

Slowly growing by word of mouth.

and that’s exactly why I created
Clarity to Coins.

But this ain’t one of them programs where you pay your money and get lost in the shuffle. 

Hell, nah.

Seen     Served     Safe

Embedded into the fabric of our program are intentional checkpoints designed to ensure that everyone in our program is: 

We create checkpoints in our program to generate a constant loop of feedback and confidence that our clients are receiving the absolute best care, attention, and strategies to optimize their launch and feel confident in their plan.


We create an environment where all of our clients feel confident to:


We not only stay up to date with your launch and marketing but we celebrate milestones in your life and business and we check in on you when necessary.


  • Communicate without fear of criticism or judgement. 

  • Share their intellectual property, knowing that it will not be leveraged in any way.

  • Engage without an environment of competition or clique-ish vibes.

In CtC you've shown me time and time again that you are a REAL expert with no fluff. I'm always amazed at your ability to answer questions about my career coaching business despite your difference in professional/business background. You don't give me cookie-cutter solutions, you pour into me with intention and only share strategies you think will be best for MY business specifically. Your unapologetic authenticity is just the icing on the cake. You always say you want us to feel seen, safe, and served and I've never felt anything less when working with you.




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If you don’t know me already, I’m Brianca.


In short? I'm the marketing muva the girl's have been telling you about. But let’s talk about how it all started. 


I built my career while working with several local and national political campaigns and organizations. Using my master’s degree in marketing and advertising communications, I was able to develop strategies and digital marketing campaigns to connect businesses with the people who need them the most. Sounds sexy right?


Well, eventually I was tired of corporate life. Not only that, I knew I could make so much more of an impact providing marketing support and custom strategies to women, within my own business and on my own terms. After just six months full time in my own business, BJ&Co. generated its first six figures in revenue, and my clients were able to secure over $240k in overall revenue.


Today, I help women entrepreneurs leverage their existing expertise to map, message, and market an offer they love (and that sells!). I’m on a mission to transform the lives of over one million women and help them build businesses they love with clients they love.

Your Coach

We’re moving on from the basic copy and paste mess that’s no longer giving you results.


Here’s what you can expect in Clarity to Coins:

You trying to be one of them?

Because in 

Clarity to Coins,
you definitely can be.

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If you are ready to launch a program this is the perfect program. The attention to detail and access to resources is amazing.


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Module One

Module Two

Module Three

Position Your Expertise

Learn strategies to clarify your unique positioning and leverage it to magnetize your perfect people with the program they’ve been looking for.

Prime Your Audience

Identify your major messaging points and create content that connects with your perfect people before your launch and begin growing and priming your audience for the purchase. 

Plan Your Launch

Leverage proven launch and marketing strategies to design a custom launch strategy as your own launch strategist.

Now let's pick your pathway:

Clarity to Coins Course


  • Access to Clarity to Coins course.
  • Private Mighty Network Community
  • Access to library of templates
(Payment Plans Available)
  • Access to Clarity to Coins course 
  • 12 weekly strategy calls
  • Private Mighty Network Community 
  • Access to library of template
  • Personalized feedback and assignment review
  • Launch Made Simple template
(Payment Plans Available)

Clarity to Coins Accelerator



I was struggling with EVERYTHING before I joined the Accelerator. Lol. I struggled with online visibility, positioning, and authority which made it so much harder to attract ideal clients into my signature program. I had never properly launched a program before, so I had no clue what steps to take and what boxes to check off. FTC taught me so much more than launching. I now have the knowledge, tools, and resources to confidently show up online and promote my offers knowing it is exactly what my ideal client needs. The mindset shift, though a byproduct of the Accelerator, has been a major game-changer because now I do everything in my business with intention and strategy, as a CEO should.

I had my first $10K launch for my signature program DURING the Accelerator. I have no doubts that this was a result of taking immediate action/implementing the modules in real-time and Bree pushing me to aim higher with my goals instead of playing small or playing it safe.

- Nadejiah T.

I was featured in Pop Sugar and O, the Oprah Magazine and I raised my prices by 200%.

- Dylesia H.

Coming into this, I knew I wanted to offer some type of coaching, but wasn't sure exactly what it would look like or who it would best serve. Working through the Profitable Package Matrix and the Curriculum worksheets helped me to identify my initial target segment and outline a whole curriculum for my clients.

- Brandee H.

Sis...let’s be real.

This is the program you've been searching for.


You've made it all the way to the bottom of this sales page and you and I both know the little voice in your head is screaming "Yassssss, this is it!". 


So what are you waiting on? You’ve read the testimonials. 


And I know you’re tired of the BS strategies that no longer work for you...otherwise, you wouldn’t be here.


You’re here for results, and in Clarity to Coins, results are what you’ll get.


Ready to do this forreal?

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Launching doesn’t have to be
rocket science.